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All-Czech Gekiken Jutsu Federation

The All-Czech Gekiken Jutsu Federation was established in September 2018 as the first and only interscholastic organization in the Czech Republic that promotes free fencing with the Japanese sword - Gekiken. Behind this initiative is Sensei Jakub Zeman (4th dan Toyama ryu), who trains this discipline with his students at Hakuzan dojo. After great feedback from Jakub Zeman's students and friends, we decided to organize an orderly structure with transparent rules and order, thanks to which we can bring this unique discipline closer to the wider public.

Our main goal is to deepen our sword knowledge beyond the classical disciplines of iai and tameshigiri. To truly master the sword, you need to meet and learn to react to the greatest possible variability in opponents, therefore we will not prevent the entry of anyone who wants to improve in sword control, whether he is an adept from the school of Japanese martial arts or European. The Federation organizes tournaments for those members who can safely wield a sword to avoid unnecessary injuries.

Gekiken is a means of deepening sword knowledge. In our fencing, we do not use any form of armor, on the contrary, we specially modify training swords (Gekikentó) so that they retain the characteristics of a real sword, but do not cause serious injuries to the wrestlers. We devoted an entire article to Gekiken. If you want to know more, please enter.

If the project is successful, we have many ideas for expanding both competitions and competition disciplines. Depending on the achievements of individual federation members, Sensei will be awarded technical grades demonstrating their degree of mastery of this unique discipline.