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Tameshigiri, Batto and Nodachi

A short introduction to our activities. 
Tameshigiri, batto jutstu and iai jutsu presented by Sensei of Hakuzan Dojo, Jakub Zeman and his student, Petr Janda. Techniques are performed in Happo Ryu style.

Samurai Combat

The virtual enbu of Hakuzan dojo showcasing the samurai combat techniques in the style of Happo Ryu. 
* Katas 
* Tameshigiri - Practice of real cut on designated targets.
* Shuriken throwing and deflection. 
* Arrow deflection - Samurai Vs. Archer * Samurai Duels - Various techniques. Real katana (albeit dulled) were used for the enactment. 
Thank you for your favor and please enjoy.


Not only about tea with Jiří Procházka - Hakuzan dojo on TV Nova

Sensei Jakub Zeman was invited to morning show of national TV Nova, where he met with an MMA fighter and fellow martial arts practicioner Jiří Procházka and talked about both martial and traditional arts in the context of medieval Japan. Because the show was recorded on International Tea Day 2023, there could not be missing a good cup of tea for hosts and guest.

Hanami Prague 2023 - Japanese festival at Strahov

On Saturday, April 1, 2023, the Cherry Blossom Festival took place at the Strahov Brewery and traditionally began with a parade of samurai from Wenceslas Square to the Strahov Brewery.
The festival offered a rich program in which you could get to know Japanese culture up close. Demonstration of tea ceremony, martial arts, archery, calligraphy or kimono.
An experiential tasting menu in Japanese style, a special batch of beer with sakura leaves – St. Norbert Sakura Amber Ale, Japanese Nikka whiskey or perhaps your favorite
beer ice cream from Angelato.

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